Living with chronic stress and PTSD can be debilitating, where should you go?

There are many symptoms associated with trauma and stress. Here are some of the most common feelings.


When an overwhelmingly stressful event occurs it can feel like a part of us has died. We often times feel broken, shattered, or like there is a gaping hole inside of us.


In this state, we emotionally “numb out” to protect ourselves from pain. It feels as if we are frozen in the past, unable to experience the here and now, and can’t connect to others or the world around us.


As stress levels rise, there becomes a point where sadness, lethargy, and hopelessness sets in. The things that excited you before seem pointless you may feel like you are living in a “Black Hole.”


Shortness of breath, sleep problems, and a sense of impending doom are common symptoms of a deregulated nervous system. Your mind might be racing at a thousand miles per hour.


Physical symptoms are common- neck tension, back pain, headaches, and pressure or contractions in your body. The mind body connection is strong, and psychosomatic disorders are now a hot topic in medical literature.

It’s time for healing, growth, and expansion.

Say hello to Spiral Therapy.

Spiral Therapy is an organic process of reducing stress and trauma stored in the
body, and a simple solution to keeping you feeling whole, integrated, and alive.

Experience the Spiral Difference
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    Integrated, Holistic

    In nature, after an animal undergoes the fight or flight response, and escapes from danger- we see a similar process take place. The animals starts shaking uncontrollably as their nervous system orients itself back to a balanced state. This ability to release trauma is deeply engrained in us, however, we often can’t access it.

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    Scientifically Driven

    Spiral Therapy draws on latest theories from the field of psychology. With a somatic based approach, it aligns with the Polyvagal Theory addressing both the ventral vagal (Fight or Flight) and dorsal vagal (Immobilization) systems.

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    Self Administered

    While a Spiral Therapist is always there to help, we encourage clients to start a self practice, so they are empowered to be their own therapist.

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    Our flexible payment plan with both group and personal sessions ensures you get the care you need at the price that is right for you.

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    Consistent, Quality Care

    Tired of switching between therapists? Our intensive trainings ensures you always enjoy the same high quality with any Spiral Therapist.

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    Welcome, Any Time

    By capitalizing on technology that’s easy to use, we’re able to offer a lot more flexibility - you can talk to a Spiral therapist from anywhere, and complete your routine wherever you are.

Get started. Get Spiral.
Find a class near you, and simply stop by for stress-free happy hour.