Goodbye, Stress.Hello, Life.

Chronic stress and body tension are a part a life. Spiral Therapy offers a revolutionary, neurologically based approach to release these stress patterns in an organic and highly transformational way through Tension Releasing Exercises,® somatic meditations, and personal coaching.

It’s not about the story

Often times, accumulated stress sneaks up on you. You may not even realize how stressed out you are as it has become the new normal. It may show up in your life as frustration, depression, anger, or numbness.

Through a simple 7 step process, we teach you how to induce a tremor in your body literally shaking off years of stress. Combined with a grounding, somatic based meditation you will harness the intelligence of your nervous system allowing you to return to a state of joy, peace, and safety.

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Your First Experience at Spiral

To begin simply click “Register” in the upper right hand corner. You will be able to video chat with a Spiral Therapist anytime from anywhere. You can also find group classes in your area by clicking the “Find a Class” tab. We offer both individual and group classes to cater to your needs. Sessions run about an hour and include physical exercises to prepare the body, a safe and natural tremor experience, and slow, guided integration.

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Our team of experts come from the fields psychology, spirituality, yoga, physical therapy, alternate and somatic based therapies, and represent the best of traditional, modern, and alternative therapies. They have helped craft the Spiral experience, a unique client centric model that helps sooth, restore, and balance the nervous system.

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